【Must Read】How to get rid of Bed Bugs – How to kill Bed Bugs

In America, there are bed bugs, especially in the South. When summer comes, bed bugs come. Here is what bed bug looks like:

The bites of bed bugs look like these: linear or crowded. They are REALLY very itchy.


This summer my home was brutally invaded by bedbugs. At the beginning, I thought that were rashes, but later I found bedbugs from my bed. How to get rid of bedbuys? Strong sun drying is not practical, and you can not throw away the whole carpet. After tried many different ways, finally, I got a method and killed them all!

1, throw away the old bed mattress. Or totally clean the bed mattress by any ways. Sun drying, iron heating or poison.

2, buy new mattress and bed frame. The bed frame must have legs. Move your bed away from wall, sofa and anything else. I suggest to buy this kind bed frame: Sleep Master Platform Metal Bed Frame/Mattress Foundation 

, clean the house thoroughly. Bedbugs usually hide in the corner, between woods, in the bed mattress and in the carpet. They hide deeply and do not move during the day, so it is hard to find them. So I suggest to use spray fogger to kill them. Each box has 3 bottles, usually you need more than one box.


4, You also need to cover your new mattress with plastic cover, so that bedbuds have no place to hide. I used this one: Ideaworks Bed Bug Blockade Mattress Cover.  And Hospitology Sleep Defense System is also highly recommended.


5, It is more important to protect the legs of bed frame. Here we need bedbug trap, vaseline and Baby powder.
Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Trap is used to prevent the bedbug from climbing up to you bed.  Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly is very sticky for bedbugs, so put some vaseline in the middle of the legs of you bed frame. Did you see that the trap is double layer, put some baby powder in each layer of the trap. They are very slip for bedbugs. I suggest to use Johnsons Baby Powder  .

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Till now, you got everything. Just do as what I have described. You will get rid of the bedbuys.

The bites of bedbuys are very itchy, If you got bites, you can using some drug on the bite sites.:After BiteChiggerex plus medicated ointment, are all very good  for this purpose.




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