How to fish crab in Galveston, Houston, TX

There are lots of crabs in Galveston, near Houston, Tx. Here I will introduce where and how to fish crabs. Follow my way, you can get a lot of crabs.

Season:Spring, Summer, and Fall are all good season,In winter, you can also get some。

Time:From the early morning to mid-noon. The best time is the early morning.

Tides:Low tides no crab, High tides, lots of crabs.

check the tides,Click here: Port Bolivar。Port Bolivar is in Galveston。

Location:17 Street after getting off the ferry, Galveston

Driving:Drive to location A in Galveston, then get on ferry (free boat) B. After half an hour, get off the ferry then drive about 5 minutes to get to 17th street. Bring you fishing tools, enjoy fishing crabs.

Notice:Each person needs a fishing licence. Please obey the law, do not keep crab under legal size 5 inches.

Fishing tools(click the pictures can link to products)

1,Check legs, which can be found in every food stores such Korger, Fiesta et al

2,Cotton cable cord:


3,Crab net:



4,Tong and fishing gloves


above are necessary tools for fishing crabs. Follwing tools are also needed.

crab ruler, cooler, mosquito OFF, fishing gloves, sun cream


Sun glasses and fishing hat


Method: tie the chicken legs using cord, throw the chicken leg to the water for about 5 meters.  Pull it back after several minutes, you can feel force when there are crabs eating the chicken leg. When crabs come close, use the crab net to catch them.  You can learn from the following video:

There are some advanced crabing tools for you to choose.


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